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  1. Wireless PrintersHow do I set up my wireless printer on the Network? Because of the username and password authentication on the Eaglenet wireless network, wireless printers will not likely work on Eaglenet. A wireless printer on Eaglenet would also be open to any... Read More
  2. Disconnect at login on EaglenetHow to fix a disconnect at login from Eaglenet:   I keep getting disconnected from Eaglenet as soon as I login on my Iphone or Ipad. It accepts my password and then bumps me off.   If you experience this problem on your Apple device, check ... Read More
  3. Eaglenet Wireless AccessWireless Access: Wireless Internet Access is available in the library for both Dorm students and Commuter students. Commuter students may connect a wireless capable laptop to the network to access the internet.   To set up your laptop for pub... Read More
  4. Dormitory Network AccessInternet Access: Network and Filtered High speed internet access is available from your dorm room. This is the only method of internet access allowed in the dorm’s. There are several ways to get connected: Connect your desktop or laptop wire... Read More