Wireless Printers

How do I set up my wireless printer on the Network?

Because of the username and password authentication on the Eaglenet wireless network, wireless printers will not likely work on Eaglenet. A wireless printer on Eaglenet would also be open to any other students to print to at will. This would present a possible security problem to you as the owner of the printer. We recommend connecting printers directly to your computer. This can be done via USB in most cases.

If you must connect a wireless printer, you can setup what is called an Ad-Hoc wireless network. This is a private network just between your computer and your printer. You would set this up on both your computer and your printer. Be sure to choose a new SSID (wireless name) and use the new name on both devices. Do not use Eaglenet. We also recommend you turn on basic encryption. This new private network would only be used when you need to print and it will keep your printer private and avoid any unauthorized printing.

This link will show you how to set up an ad-hoc network using Windows 7.
This link will show you how to set up an ad-hoc network using a Mac.
Consult your printer instructions or the printer manufacturer for specifics on how to setup your specific printer.
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