Dormitory Phone Systems

Telephone Systems:
Each dorm room has its own analog telephone line. Telephones are not provided so you will need to bring your own. Any standard home telephone will work. Cordless phones are acceptable. Voicemail is not provided so you may want to purchase an answering machine for your room. Students in one room may share this cost. Long distance calls are blocked. You may use a calling card or make collect calls.

Telephone Numbering Plan:
Each room is accessible inside the dorm phone system through its three digit extension number. The internal extension numbers are 1501-1594. You should be given your extension when your room is assigned.

Each room is accessible outside the dorm phone system by adding the prefix "807
Example: Internal Extension # 1510
External Number 807-1510

Placing Calls:
You must dial 9 to access an outside line before dialing your number.

Long Distance:
No long distance calls are allowed from dorm telephones. You must use a calling card to make long distance calls.

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