Library Printing

The Library uses a cost control system designed to lower operating costs and eliminate waste on lab printers. Each student is given an account to which all printing costs are charged. Black & White Pages are .10 cents per page. Color pages are .50 cents per page.

You will be credited $5.00 each semester, this will allow you a total of 50 "free” prints before you will be required to pay per page. This credit does not carry over semester to semester. Students enrolled in certain computer or secretarial classes may be credited an additional amount out of lab fees in order to fulfill classroom projects.

Paying for copies:
You have two options to pay for the cost of your print jobs.
You may print directly to the "Lib4000 printer” if you have enough credit available to cover the cost of all of the pages in your document. The cost will be automatically deducted from your balance. This is the default option. If you do not have enough credit the print job will be discarded and you will have to print again after you have increased your credit balance.

If you do not have enough credit to cover your entire print job, you may print to the "Pharos Station”, login to the Pharos Machine and insert cash directly into the coin machine to cover the cost of printing. This will allow you to operate on a pay as you go basis.

Managing Your Account:
You may increase your printing credit by logging into the Pharos Station and "Transferring Funds” from cash into your personal printing credit.

  • Proceed to the Pharos Machine
  • Move the mouse or press any key
  • Type in your lastname.firstname in the Logon ID box
  • Click the "Logon Button” with the mouse
  • Click on "Transfer Funds” along the top row of buttons on the screen
  • Insert bill or coins in the coin machine up to the amount you wish to add to your printing credit
  • Type the amount you wish to transfer into your credit in the middle box
  • Wait for the available credit window (on the left) to display the amount you deposited in the coin machine
  • Click the transfer funds button
  • Wait for the computer to successfully transfer funds
  • Click the "Logout” button
  • Your change will be dispensed
  • You may now print from your available credit

Please see the Librarian on duty for more information or assistance.

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