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Dormitory Network Access

Internet Access:
Network and Filtered High speed internet access is available from your dorm room. This is the only method of internet access allowed in the dorm’s.

There are several ways to get connected:

Connect your desktop or laptop wireless to the "Eaglenet"  wireless network.
Connect your desktop computer to the ethernet jack in the room. (There is only 1 jack per room in the two story dorms.)

Important facts about Internet Access:
  • You must maintain Antivirus Software. - see below
  • All internet access is monitored and filtered.
  • Students may share a computer but technology services does not support computers for multiple student configuration. That is up to you.
  • Students sharing a room will need to share the cost of a network hub/switch for multiple computers to be connected in one room.
  • No Wireless Access Points are allowed in the dorm’s
  • Installing/Using computer hacking software can cause you to be disconnected from the network and disciplinary action taken.

Each student must provide his or her own Antivirus Software and keep an active subscription for virus definition updates! Your computer may be disconnected without notice if you do not maintain an up to date Antivirus subscription.

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