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Internet Policy - Student-Posted Online Content

Internet Policy - Student-Posted Online Content

All students should be aware of the fact that they are responsible for any content posted online via social networking sites or related online formats. The following guidelines have been provided to serve as a reference for any interaction with these types of sites.

  1. Trinity Baptist College is committed to the safety and personal well-being of our students and will not tolerate any form of social-bullying, harassment, or threat made online against other students, faculty, staff or any other member of the community of Trinity Ministries. (see also our Zero Tolerance Policy- Student Handbook p.32)
  2. While online, if you are the victim of any form of harassment from another student it is your responsibility to report this to the appropriate dean immediately.
  3. Any content posted by a student online is subject to both state and federal laws and it is the responsibility of the administration of Trinity Baptist College to report any online criminal behavior to the proper authorities.
  4. The Standard of Conduct (Student Handbook p.7) also applies to online content.

Suggestions for Posting Online:

  1. You are responsible for anything connected to your online accounts. This includes Facebook, campus email, online forums/messaging boards and your network internet account. Do not share passwords to any of your accounts.
  2. Others can and will view your social networking accounts. What they see will leave an impression in their minds about you. Whenever you post anything online you lose a certain measure of control concerning how others perceive this information. (i.e. photos, status updates, applications and games)
  3. Even if you delete an item this does not mean that others have not printed a copy of the original material or have not electronically saved information before it was deleted. It should be understood that deleting inappropriate, misleading, hurtful or threatening information after the fact does not always mean the situation has been rectified.
  4. If you would not be comfortable with your parents, pastor/youth pastor, professors or other respected leaders in your life viewing the content you are about to post online then do not post it.
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