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Internet Access at Trinity Baptist College

Internet Access:
You may take advantage of our high speed connections to perform academic research or just for web surfing. All internet activity is monitored and reviewed by the Dean of Students on a semester basis or as needed. You will be held responsible for any activity that occurs on your account so protect your password closely.

Filtering - All filtering is performed by a third party software company called Websense. The ministry pays an annual fee for a subscription service that categorizes internet sites. The ministry does not assign the categories to web sites. A team of researchers chooses the category based on a list of criteria.

Trinity Baptist College blocks the following categories: Adult, Advertisements, Chat, Criminal Skills, Gambling, Glamour & Intimate Apparel, Hacking, Hate Speech, Personals & Dating, Photo Searches, Remote Proxies, Sex Education, Violence and Web Based Email. Sites that have not been categorized may also be blocked.

Occasionally a site may be placed in a category that you or the ministry may not agree with. Websense maintains a web page that allows you to submit a request to recategorize a web site. The URL is http://www.websense.com/suggestachange/urls.php Please use this page to submit a change request if you are unable to reach a site. Do not send your requests to the help desk!

Trinity Baptist College blocks the web-based email category for security purposes. The ministry cannot protect against viruses or other material from email coming directly from other web based email services. You should inform all your regular correspondents of your new email address before coming to college. You will not be able access any outside email services on campus.

Other Protocols - Streaming Media, Instant Messaging etc...
Many special services such as streaming audio, Instant Messenger, File Sharing sites and gaming services use additional bandwidth or are security risks for viruses etc... For these reasons many of these services are blocked or are unavailable during business hours.

Streaming Media - Streaming Media uses large amounts of bandwidth and may slow the network if used in excess. Streaming Audio and certain other streaming services may be limited during business hours if necessary.

Instant Messaging - AIM and ICQ instant messaging services are blocked for security reasons. MSN and Yahoo instant messenger are allowed and have been tested to work. Instant messaging is allowed but is not supported.

Peer to Peer File Sharing - Peer to Peer file services are a common source of viruses and pornography. Services such as Limewire, Bit Torrent etc are blocked and will not be accessable.

Other - Other special services may be blocked at this time.

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