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Services Provided

Services Provided:

  • Technology Services Provide the following services to each student:
  • Network Account
  • 10 Gigabyte Email Account
  • 7 Gigabyte Skydrive Storage
  • Filtered Internet Access
  • Wireless Network access
  • Printing services in the library (Pharos)

Network Account:
Your account consists of a username and password. Your username is in the form lastname.firstname. Your initial password will be the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your social security number. You must protect your username and password and not share it with anyone. You will be held responsible for any activity that takes place on your account. Your account will remain active as long as you are a student. Accounts are deleted at the beginning of each semester if a student does not re-enroll.

Skydrive Storage:
You will have 7 gigabytes of storage on skydrive to store personal documents. Skydrive apps are available for iPhone and Android phones in their respective app stores. http://skydrive.live.com

"Eagle Mail” Email Account:
Your personal "Eagle Mail” email account can be accessed on or off campus. The student intranet provides quick access to your inbox, or from off campus you may log into http://outlook.com/tbc.edu to check your email from anywhere in the world. See the "Getting Started” section for more details. For security reasons all online webmail services are blocked. e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc...

All emails are scanned for viruses and spam. This service, as any other, is not foolproof. From time to time emails may be allowed through the filter that are inappropriate or junk mail. Please delete all inappropriate material and do not forward them to technology services for review!

Wireless Network Access:
Wireless network access is available in the Library, Auditorium, Dining Commons, the Activity building, H Building, J Building, S Building and all dorms. This service is provided at no additional charge.

Printing Services:
B/W & Color Laser printing is available through the Pharos system in the library. You will receive a $5.00 printing credit each semester that you can use to print documents. Charges are .10 cents per page for black & white and .50 cents per page for color. You may add credit to your account in cash and some courses will give you additional credit depending on course requirements. Please see the printing section of the library guide later in this document.

Additional & Optional Services:
The following services are available to dormitory students only:
  • Dormitory Network access - available on a per semester basis
  • Dormitory Telephone Service - one line per dorm room

Dormitory Phone Service:
Each dorm room contains 1 analog telephone line that must be shared by all occupants. Telephones are not provided. Any common home telephone will work. You may bring your own answering machine as voice mail is not provided. Each room will have its own direct dial number for outside calls.

Services Not Provided:

  • Technical support or repair of student computers
  • Software training or application support for students
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